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You are the Black Mage. They took your stuff. Jump and fight your way through the land on a quest to reclaim your gold! 

  • Use spells to fight enemies - or to avoid them
  • Platforming game inspired by Commander Keen, Mario and Donkey Kong
  • Find hidden treasure in every stage
  • 9 stages, a boss and hidden stuff
  • For optimal results, switch your display to 60Hz

How to play:

Please make sure the Xbox-controller is connected as the first one.

Advanced Moves:

  • You can double jump, it refills when you land
  • You can use your fireball and your push to extend your jumps
  • A fireball aimed at the ground will make you fly (rocketjump)
  • Every offensive spell can be charged up
  • The snowball (big charge on Melee) can be manipulated

... a charged push becomes a powerful laser
  • Use a charged snowball to cause a big explosion, Unreal-style
  • Enemies can be stunned by your double-jump
  • Stunned enemies take more damage
  • The snowball can also be altered by your double-jump
  • If you time it right, you can do a melee combo and end it with a spell-button

About this project:

This is my first game. I'm not an artist, not a programmer either and certainly no musician. It was a lot of fun creating what could be considered a sizable demo/shareware. I wanted to see if I could do everything myself.

Black Mage is entirely made in Game Maker Studio. I don't own the main character. This is a non-profit project.

Install instructions

Use the installer in case you can't run the standalone file. It should install the necessary dll files.

The Game should run on everything as low as a dual-core PC. Since it's Gamemaker, it will not run well unless you have a dedicated graphics card and somewhat updated drivers, at least in my experience.


Black Mage Installer.exe 25 MB
Black Mage.exe 23 MB

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